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re-engineering the value chain with the trade between suppliers and buyers using data-driven technologies and modern supply chains

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Leoport Export Systems is a modern company that revamps and develops Innovative methods for managing the export process in local markets and international trade route. We work at LePort on the value chain within the export process from the beginning till the end targeting high quality by using the latest technologies. to provide appropriate opportunities for SMEs to support and increase their exports. At Leoport we believe that our most important goal is to facilitate steps to obtain information for importers that support decision-making in purchasing goods in large bulks. All that could be done through our platform, team and partners who specialize in the fields of international trade, logistics, data analysis, e-commerce and total quality management.

target market

At Leport Export Systems platform, who needs our services ..?

SMEs in the local market, we help to improve and develop their export performance and reach the target international markets.

Importers who always demand local products with high quality and competitive prices and are looking for safe ways to buy in bulk.



We have designed a strategy and action plan to assist SMEs in exporting their products to international markets, and to support sustainability and the presence of their products in those markets.

This was through our first production in Leoport, which is an electronic platform concerned with the International Trade Administration (eTradeMass.com) to help importers choose the best prices and the best service for importing and purchasing safely, and to help exporters to reach customers and achieve sustainable export deals.

The eTradeMass.com platform is an acceleration and monitoring tool that facilitates buying and contracting between an exporter and an importer from anywhere in the world, especially in the African and local markets.

As we started to meet the needs of SMEs and importers in the process of exporting quality management, marketing, linking with logistics and contracting services, and overcoming the language barrier to be a simulation model for the production sectors in the local market.

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